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Ali & Logan at Fairchild Tropical Gardens in Miami

Al(i) + L(o)Ga(n) = L*(v)e – Meet Ali and Logan. Ali is a cell and molecular biologist (neuroscientist) and Logan is a computational biologist. If you’re saying “huh??”, don’t worry…..his groomsmen didn’t know either. When I asked Logan to explain it to me, my right brain immediately imploded. Ali then performed some kind of Spock maneuver to resuscitate me. Never stare directly into the light! Add a fantastic sense of humor and you have one “thermodynamic” couple! (har, har) As you will see in one of the shots below, they allowed me to caricaturize them. Ali’s dad helped to create the props. The wedding took place at the breathtaking Fairchild Tropical Gardens in Miami.
Challenge: who’s smart enough to solve this equation:    x squared + ( 5y/4 – square root of IxI )squared = 1       Email me with the answer!



NIcole & JJ’s Wedding at The Intercontinental Hotel in Miami

And, now its time for Nicole & JJ’s Wedding! The festivities took place at The Intercontinental Hotel in Miami. This was a very animated group of people and fun, fun ,fun to shoot!! Once again I am lucky enough to be able to shoot a wedding where there exists a geniue synergy between the two families, and the bride and groom are absolutely meant for each other. JJ is one of the most charming grooms I have encounted.  He is a caricature of himself! And can he dance! Look for his patented dance moves in the shots below. He and Nicole immediately make you feel welcome in their world and before you know it, you’re calling them friends! I wish them all the best life has to offer. Credits: Video – Artistry Wedding Films