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Educational Series: Engagement Sessions

Engagement sessions are becoming more and more popular and they are extremely important in the telling of a couple’s story. When choosing a photographer for your wedding and your engagement session consider some important points:
-Your engagement session will give you a chance to work with your photographer before your big day. Your photographer will be able to learn about you and your partner in a deeper way during the session. You will be able to get to know your photographer and understand how they work and get a feel for what you’ll experience on your wedding day.
-Pick a location that is relevant and important to you both. Remember, we are going to be telling a story about the two of you. Here is Jessica & Eric enjoying a day at Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor. After our consultation, we decided on that location because of it significant role in their relationship. They had their first date there and also named their dog Jaxson! You can see the images below.  We’ve also done sessions on airplanes, boats, picnic settings an on trains.
-Be honest and forthcoming with your photographer. Remember, this is the opportunity to spend good time together and for me to learn about who you are as a couple. I’ll be able to see and learn things about you that will help me capture the perfect moments on your wedding day.
At JSPStudio, we consider the engagement session an integral part of the experience with us. Our Editorial Style Engagement sessions incorporate many components of photographic skill to ensure a unique set of images that both visual dazzle you and emotionally capture the essence of the chemistry between you. Our pre-session consultation lets me draw from your hobbies, experiences, likes and dislikes to create a set of images that are unique to your chemistry by collaborating with you to define the atmosphere of the shoot and by paying careful attention to location, wardrobe, continuity, and of course passion! It’s all in the kiss…

Jessica & Eric’s Wedding at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami

Eric and Jessica love each other. When they are together you can see that they see nothing else but each other. The world slows. Then for no reason whatsoever, Eric makes us all laugh. Then we get it. Theirs is a bond that is woven in their genetic code – they were meant to be; and we were lucky enough to be there to witness something this rare. The festivities took place at the fabulous Fontainebleau HotelJamie Lipman from Absolute, with her staff in tow, ran the show with her iPad, charming smile and disarming manner. I’m happy we have more to come, great job! Dalsimer handled the décor brilliantly. I picked up some new friends in Ed Ballart and his crew from Belvedere Stories who handled video. Awesome work. I’m looking forward to working with them again. The entertainment was delivered by Higher Ground who were, as usual, impeccable.

Educational Series: Capturing the Moments

Most women imagine their wedding day as little girls. When the day actually comes, a moment that has been decades in the making can pass by in a flash. There is so much going on that I have often heard brides say that they hardly remember a thing. I often ask my brides, “Years from now, when you’re looking at your wedding album, do you want to remember your wedding as it actually happened, or how a photographer staged you?” Picking a wedding photographer is a crucial decision for a bride. It is one thing to find someone who will take the shots that you think are important; it is quite another to find a photographer who understands you, your family and is capable of capturing the joy of a beautiful moment as the celebration thrives. Every wedding is different. A wedding shot at The Breakers is going have a different feel from a wedding that takes place in an orchid garden. What may be a classic photograph in one won’t necessarily work in the other. The most important thing is finding a photographer who knows the difference and understands how to capture the unique feel of your special day. I have shot many weddings and I can tell you that each has its own personality. That moment the groom first sees his bride at the end of the isle, the moment when the bride’s parents give her away, or that moment when everyone is jumping on the dance floor . . . a wedding is all of those moments and each one should be remembered as they happened. When you’re making your decision on your wedding day, don’t forget to ask yourself: “What do I want to show my children when I’m sitting with them years from now and they ask me what that day was like?” Look at the work of JSPStudio. The decision becomes simple after that.

Emily & Philip’s Wedding at The Boca Raton Marriott

This is the celebration of Emily Bradley Pagel and Philip Pagel. Italian family means a lot of food, a lot of emotion and a lot of dancing. Throw in a rambunctiously charming bridal party and mouthwatering Italian cookie table and you have what last Saturday night was like at The Boca Raton Marriott. My buddy at Pinnacle Bride handled video and Dalsimer Atlas Florists and Event Decorators took care of décor.

Jackie & Ronnie’s Wedding at Beth Torah in Aventura

This is the third event I have shot for the Ginzburg family and want to take a second to thank Eileen Ginzburg for allowing me to be such a part of their family over the years. You have such a warm, charming and truly unique family and will always hold a special place in my heart! The wedding last Saturday was held at Beth Torah in Aventura with Eric Kaufman at Executive Caterers preparing a most succulent menu. Susan Jaffe took the reins and brought in Marcia Mitchell to bring down the house, Dalismer to outdo themselves, and Domino Arts to handle video. We started things off at Turnberry Isle Miami. And away we go…….

Andrea & TJ’s Wedding at The Biltmore Hotel in Miami

This post is all about Andrea Ramudo Virgin & Thomas Virgin. These two met in engineering class at Cornell University. Beauty and brains!! Some people have it all. The day started off at The Biltmore followed by the ceremony held at Church of the Little Flower. After the vows had been exchanged, the happy couple polished off the evening at Comber Hall. There was so much passion, heart, family, beauty and celebration in this wedding that I think I’m going to let these images speak for themselves.


Educational Series: It’s All in the Kiss!!

Many important pieces need to come put together to have a successful engagement sitting for a couple. I have shot countless engagement sittings and I can say, without a doubt, that there is one thing on which everything else depends: the kiss! It’s all in the kiss. The kiss is, for me, insight into the couple’s soul together. Through the kiss, we get to see their chemistry, how they interact and ultimately, their passion for each other. There is an Art of the Kiss and it’s absolutely crucial that it is understood during an engagement sitting. A couple may think that they will have no problem with this, but they’re often surprised; it’s one thing to kiss each other in privacy and it’s quite another to have a camera pointed at you while you’re getting close. At our engagement sittings this is the area where we spend the most time and energy because it’s so important. At JSPStudio we don’t want you to worry; we’ve got you covered. Some people are natural in showing their affection for each other. Others can struggle with it, but that’s normal. We work with our couples to make sure that they are comfortable enough to let their love show through their kiss. Here are a few tips that we share with our couples during the sittings to make sure they get it right:
Tip #1: Focus on each other- Don’t think about the camera. Pretend it isn’t there. Look into each other’s eyes and remember that first time you kissed. Think about the times since then. Don’t be afraid to get close and feel each other’s energy. Hold each other and let everything else just drift away.
Tip #2: Be Confident- If you’re at an engagement sitting you’ve both done this right at some point! Whoever takes the lead be confident. Exert that power, but be gentle. Again, you’ve done this before and chances are that your sweetheart goes week in the knees every time you kiss. You didn’t get there without confidence in the past; don’t let it leave you now!
Tip #3: No tongue! Seriously! You want to be sensual, not sexual. Show your chemistry. You’ve got nothing to prove here. A nice, PG rated kiss is much more powerful for your significant other and for the camera.
Focus on each other, be confident and keep it sensual.
It’s easy!

Educational Series: White Balance

In a previous blog post, JSPStudio talked about natural lighting. A most important aspect of lighting and its impact on photography is something known as white balance. White balance is the technique and ability for a photographer to remove unrealistic lighting effects from a photograph and rendering the objects that appear white in reality as white in your photograph. In other words, it’s making sure that your beautiful, white wedding dress appears white in a photograph instead of some horrible shade of red, orange, blue or some other color. Pure white light contains all of the colors of the visible spectrum (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet). White surfaces reflect all of the colors of the spectrum into our eyes and we see that surface as white. A surface that absorbs all the light instead of reflecting it appears black. Our eyes are extraordinary in seeing white objects as white; cameras don’t always have the same ability. You may have noticed this when you take a picture somewhere and it comes out with shades of different colors. This is due to the kinds of light in your environment. The difference between natural sunlight and artificial fluorescent lighting can be dramatic for a photograph. An outdoor wedding ceremony on a Miami or Ft. Lauderdale beach may be fine to shoot with your camera, but once you’re inside the wedding reception, it’s a different story. White balance is the ability for a photographer to understand the different lighting factors in the environment, account for them and capture the photograph with the truest white balance possible. Again, it’s making sure that the white wedding dress appears white in the photograph. Ensuring that the white balance is achieved guarantees that the other colors in your photograph are as real as if you are seeing them in person with your own eyes. Hiring a photographer, like those at JSPStudio, who understands how to control factors such as white balance is essential in making sure that your most valuable moments are captured purely for you to enjoy forever.