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Orit & Daniel’s Engagement Session at the Dade County Fair

This is Orit & Daniel’s engagement session at the Dade County Fair. These two come to me by way of so many different referral sources from family and friends that we actually can’t accurately determine who sent them over!! We started off at their house to accommodate Buddah (the awesome looking dog), and Daniel’s antique kit car. 9 hours later and what follows is some of what unfolded. The chemistry between these two is magnetic. Really. It was like turning on a light switch. I am so energized by that chemistry and feel privileged to be invited into their worlds.

Boca Ballet Ballerina’s Editorial Session in Florida

What happens when you take four incredibly talented and beautiful ballerinas, drive around south Florida for about 7 hours, and add a JSP twist to an age old art form? What follows should give you some idea! These girls: Andrea Ramudo Virgin, Marissa Udine, Kassidy Schaeffer, and Diana Elise Seabrook, were a blast to do this with! No prima donnas here! These girls showed me the true athleticism of being a dancer. This is my contribution to the Ballerina Project. Making plans to do this in NYC also. Big thanks to Andrea Ramudo Virgin for setting this up!!

Educational Series: Basics of Color

Color. What would life be without color? Think about how important color is to all of us in our daily lives. We all have our favorite colors. We decorate our homes, create wardrobes and even buy cars based on color (well, some of us may buy cars based on color). I’m sure that one of the first things you think about, and questions you’re asked about your wedding have to do with color. What colors are the bridesmaid dresses going to be? What color flowers are going to be in the bouquet? What are your wedding colors? Color is one of the most important aspects of photography. Even in black and white photographs, the original colors can play an important role. It is important to understand the aspects of color. Here are some terms often associated with color that you should be familiar with:
Hue- Your main colors: red, green, blue, and yellow. Colors with the same hue base are described with adjectives (sky blue, light blue, etc.).
Spectrum- The visible spectrum refers to the colors that the human eye can see. Most of us know them as the colors of the rainbow.
Intensity- refers to the purity and/or saturation of the color in an image.
Warm Colors- Yellows, reds and oranges.
Cool Colors- Violets, blues and greens.
Objects in space reflect and absorb light. When we see colors it is because the surface of a specific object absorbs all colors EXCEPT the color we see. In other words, a red ball absorbs orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, but it reflects red light. That red light travels to our eyes and we “see” it as red. Colors can be brilliant or subdued, harsh or soft. Your photographer’s possession of a keen eye for color and an understanding how it interacts with light are crucial abilities for them to possess.

Educational Series: Photography is an Art

Some people believe that an expensive camera and photography equipment make a photographer. I have had friends who walk into Best Buy and purchase a nice camera, go out and expect to have their pictures hanging in an art gallery by the end of the week. They will call me and ask, “Why don’t my pictures look like yours?”. All of the expensive, or inexpensive, equipment in the world does not make a photographer. True, there are many technical aspects of photography that one would need to have an understanding of before they were able to take decent photographs, but even then there is more to it . . .  much more. Photography is an art form. Like any other artist, a talented photographer sees the world differently than others. Light, backdrop, setting, atmosphere, angle, color, and distance combine to form the palette with which a photographer creates a photograph. It is the balance and understanding of these ingredients that make a work of art and it is the photographer who imagines how they all come together. When hiring a photographer for your wedding it is important to find someone who you can trust to capture these elements beautifully and as they happen. No two photographers see these ingredients the same way. For me, personally, I would ask you that in 20 years, do you want to remember your wedding that way it actually happened, or the way a photographer posed it to happen?  I’m an expert in capturing the essence of what I see. Trust nothing less.


Kimberly & Nick’s Engagement Session on Brickell and Wynwood

Kimberly & Nick wanted to do their engagement session in the Brickell area of downtown Miami. I said we should add in the elements of the Design District and the Wynwood area as a preamble. I try to take every opportunity to prepare my couples for the shoot by going over wardrobe, makeup, posing as a single and with their spouse. Kimberly took full advantage of it! She was texting me pictures of outfits, shoes, makeup looks, hair styles, etc. All the preparation gave us a great set of images!