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Cara & Javier’s Wedding at the Epic Hotel in Miami

This one was Epic. Cara Knies and Javier Falla met at work. Recipe for disaster you say? Well, last Friday proved it was a blessing. The festivities commenced and concluded at The Epic Hotel in downtown Miami, with a stop along the way at St Jude Church on Brickell. Javier was so excited to get married that we couldn’t get him to sit still for portraits; however we managed to grab a few good ones. To his credit, he got it right in one take! Cara was magnificent! She is as charming as she is beautiful. Karla Lola’s make up was spot on perfect! Vivian Colls pulled double duty as planner and décor to make sure the room, and the event, was flawless. Ross with Rock with U did what he usually does – brings down the house. I was reunited with my one of my favorite videographers Hector Gil with House of Films. Never a dull moment! The party for sure did Miami justice. When I asked one of the Bridal party the following day how they were feeling, the answer I got was “harsh”. Awesome. 

Educational Series: Q&A with Jonathan Scott

In this week’s blog post, Jonathan Scott talks about some of the current trends in the wedding industry, his favorite creative touch and what he sees people focusing on for the photography of their weddings.
What are the Top Trends that you are seeing right now? 
“Couples are getting more and more savvy. The same-old, same-old just doesn’t cut it anymore. I try to be ahead of the curve on trends and the big thing that is trending is editorial-style engagement sessions. An engagement session is very important because it gives us a chance to really see who the couple is. A portrait-style shoot, where the couple is told where to go and arranged in posed positions is getting tired. An editorial-style shoot focuses on telling the couple’s story. You find a setting that defines them as a couple; something that’s important to them and then you tell their story. It’s unlike anyone else’s on the planet and it should reflect that in the photos from the engagement session. Anyone can be photographed in a field somewhere that has nothing to do with them. That isn’t right. There is a story there and couples want to tell it. Editorial-style engagement sittings allow the couple to do just that”
What is your favorite creative touch?
“This is difficult to answer because for me every image is different. Every bride, every ceremony, every reception, every family, every bridal party, every location is unique. The photographs I shoot depend on factors that I don’t know about until I’m standing there with the camera. Each image speaks to a different creative inspiration. The situations change every time. The sun is in a different place in the sky, or the flower girl skips down the aisle instead of walks, or the bride’s father starts to cry as he gives his little girl away. There isn’t one style or shot that can be used for all of that. The creative touch, I suppose, is that there is no specific creative touch. Whatever that moment calls for is what it gets; just hope that you have a photographer who can capture them as they come.”
In wedding photography, what do you see couples focusing on or willing to spend their money on right now?
“A full day engagement session. It may sound like a lot, but it’s worth it. From sunrise to sunset, you’re with the couple. You can shoot at more than one location and you really get to see the couple and how they interact. People are different apart than when they’re together. Do they reach for each other at the same times? Do they hold hands in the car? Does he brush her hair out of her eyes? Does she put her hand in his back pocket? During a full day, you learn all these things about them and you get a chance to capture all their mannerisms and who they really are together. A full day engagement session also helps me understand what to look for on their wedding day. Knowing how they interact fully is a huge advantage for capturing the truly special moments they will share with each other on the day when everything can seem to go so fast.”

Nikki & Charles’s Wedding at The Addison in Boca Raton

Nikki & Charles came down from NY with their entourage in tow to use the rustic environment of The Addison for the backdrop of their wedding. A sweeter couple you will not find! After seeing how bound each of these families are with their children, I understand why. Creativity runs deep in Nikki, having crafted not only the look and feel of the ceremony and reception, but all the playful chachkis that adorned the wedding. With my passion for cooking, I’d be remiss not to mention that Nikki’s position as a food critic for Travel & Leisure makes her my new go-to person! This wedding was rich in personality, passion and family. My kind of wedding. I’m fortunate to have met you both. I’m going to let the images say the rest.