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Educational Series: Connecting with Your Photographer

Can you define love?
It’s not so easy to do is it? Google it if you want and you’re going to get inundated with definitions and philosophies. Love isn’t easy to explain, but it is possible to observe. Hopefully, you’re one of the lucky people who can see love in the eyes of your partner. There’s no doubt when we see people in love; there is just something that radiates from them. Photographing weddings and people who are truly in love has been the honor of my life. It has always been my goal to capture couples in photographs that will serve as a testament to love for the rest of their lives. Understanding a couple is crucial to being able to capture those moments. A photographer can’t just show up on the wedding day and hope to get lucky. If your wedding photographer hasn’t spent time getting to know you as a couple, how are they possibly going to know what to look for on your wedding day. The connection with your photographer is one of the most important parts of preparing for your wedding. At JSPStudio it starts with our first meeting, but it continues with our Editorial Engagement Sessions.
The engagement session is the first time that I get to observe a couple through the lens of a camera and I learn invaluable things about them. Each session is unique for the couple and represents some aspect of their story together. Seeing them in a relaxed, meaningful environment teaches me what to look for on their actual wedding day and, just as important, gives the couple a chance to know me and get comfortable being in front of the camera. My brides and grooms are always amazed at the photos from their engagement sessions and their wedding. Without the connection that we form together, none of it would be possible!

Stephanie & Mike’s Wedding at the Epic Hotel in MIami

Stephanie and Mike started off at the Epic Residences where they both have a fabulous 50th floor condo, then boarded the 111 foot Biscayne Lady Yacht for a sunset wedding. Stephanie’s perfectly executed combination of elegance and pure sex appeal had a very visible effect on Mike during the first look! Anna Noriega of Alore Event firm easily handled the many variables that were thrown at her during this event. Great job!! Her hair and make up crew – Alore Ink – were flawless!!Parish Designs did their part to ensure all the right elegant touches and one of the crews from Sendery Video  were as graceful and easygoing as ever. Enjoy!


Ballerinas Part II

Here’s the second installment in the Ballerina Series. This time I was lucky to have Sarah Smith Hill, a performer in the American Ballet Theater Company in New York, pose for me. My longtime friend Paul Rizzo was kind enough to let us use his bar The Bitter End in the West Village. This club is the oldest rock club in NYC (founded 1961) and is an historical landmark. Everyone who’s anyone had performed, or was signed from this club. It’s a coveted spot for video and print production as you’ll see from the images.  Sarah’s exceptional talent made these pictures truly come to life. Thanks again to you both!

Miriam & Matthew’s Wedding at Beth Shalom in Aventura

This wedding was personally a blast!! First you have Miriam Glazer and Mathew Osheroff walking down the aisle 12 years after they first met!! On the surface Miriam is as cool as they come. However, the minute she affixes her eyes on Matthew there is a palatable change in her whole demeanor. An effervescent glow radiates from them with so much truth and dimension that it’s impossible not to be totally convinced they belong together. Second there was a bridal party that pretty much defined the meaning of “bridal party”. Third, I was able to reconnect with several brides, and families, I’ve had the privilege of shooting in the past (as well as a few that are coming up!). We started off at The Fontainebleau Hotel for getting ready and portraits then had the event at Beth Shalom in Aventura. Vanessa Oppo of Karma Goddess and Jill Spear handled the day of duties. Raffi of Petal Productions creating the lavish setting and Domino Arts masterfully handled the video. The pictures say it all. Enjoy!!