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Eve in NYC

So on a recent trip to NYC, Eve Ainsbury and I were waiting for a table for lunch at a restaurant in the Meat Packing district. Within that time, we happened upon this really cool looking vacant night club in the undercarrige of this trendy eatery. Being that our creative minds think alike, we looked at each other and just said “yes”. She plucked the ballet shoes she just purchased from her bag and 15 minutes later, this is some of what we created. Thanks Evie, you’re the best!!

The Jaquie Oh Adventure

Here’s the full Jacquie Ohh post. This set was an experiment in stream-of-consciousness shooting. We gave no forethought to its outcome; just allowed both of our pure creative thought to rule the moment. I had to be quick on my shutter with this one – boundless creative energy! You’re very fun to shoot Jaquie! Warning: the following stunts were performed by a trained professional and should not be attempted at home.