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Leia & Jamil’s Paintball Engagement Session

My former brides will know the bride in this crazy engagement session. It’s Leia, my trusted 2nd photographer! Yup, she’s getting married. Naturally, I wouldn’t accept not doing her engagement session so it’s a good thing she asked otherwise I’d feel really stupid. Lol. On to them….I told her I wanted to do something really different. Paint filled balloons is where it went. Simple, yet elegant. Here are Leia and Jamil completely demolishing each other.

Rachel & Doug’s Wedding at The Powell Crosley Estate

I know Rachel & Doug through my former second shooter Eve. They are the quintessential All-American couple with classic good looks, textbook etiquette, charm, manners and a grounded work ethic. When Rachel told me where is was to happen and showed me a picture of her dress, I simply jumped at the opportunity to flex some creative muscle and do justice to her fairytale wedding. Even though it was 50 degrees with a wind chill that put it in the 40’s, everyone put their game face on, drank a little more, and celebrated all the hard work Rachel & Doug did to make this happen. Enjoy!

Editorial Bridal Shoot in the Snow and Cherry Blossoms

On two separate occasions I had the chance to work with Angela Caba of Angela Caba Designs in NYC to create some uniquely stylized shoots. First we hit Central Park on one of the very first days of snow in December to produce a series of a bride in emerald green accent. The second was a custom designed couture creation meant to mimic the cherry blossom blooms. We used a location in NY that had them in full bloom.