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Look Thin in Every Picture

My couples (fine, mostly my brides) are always asking me if they look “skinny” in their pictures. As a photographer, it’s my job to make sure they look their absolute best and I have my secrets! So how can you look thin in every picture? It’s so easy!
Unless you’re 100% perfectly symmetrical, you have a good side. And your good side, has a good angle. How do you find this perfect pose? Use these three steps:
1) Look in the mirror to the left, then to the right and determine your good side.
2) With your good side towards the mirror, elongate your neck by dropping your shoulders, and point your cheek slightly upwards.
3) Last, tilt your chin ever so slightly down (while still keeping your neck long).
If you’ve followed these directions, you should see highlighted cheekbones, a stronger (thinner) jaw line, and you’ve created shadows that work in your favor.
Here are some examples of my subjects who knew their perfect angle!

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