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Some things just always stay the same…

One of the great joys of my job is when I get to see how the families grow, and recognize that while some things change, other just will always be the same. On the left is the princess herself, (best known as Punchys) overseeing her brother David’s recent Bar Mitzvah. The one on the right is her two years earlier rooting for her other brother, Andres. Still is, and always will be, the center of attention!

Bridal Portraits: Trend-Free Beauty

Helping my couples feel comfortable in their engagement and wedding photos is what gives me the opportunity to exceed their expectations. Along the way, I’ve learned a few tricks to getting the best out of even the most camera-shy bride and groom. It’s easy to say, “Pretend I’m not here!” but it’s hard to “disappear” enough where the couple can just do their own thing.
Couples: The best way to get comfortable is to forget the camera and feel the electric, passionate, heightened love surrounding you on your wedding day.
When he kisses her in the photo on the right, it was obvious the camera was not on their minds! See Brady and Alicia’s wedding here.
He’s just sweet talking her; no acting, no worries. See Julie and Ezra’s wedding here.
Hard to believe they aren’t the only two people on the planet right? In that moment, they were. See Jenna and Erich’s wedding here.
Meaghan is serving it on the left, but look how she melts into Jonathan when she forgets I’m there. See their wedding here.
A leisurely walk with your best friend is the most comfortable thing in the world. See Leslie and Martin’s wedding here.
Safe to say they were feeling the moment in that wine cellar! See Debbie and Ray’s whole wedding here.