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Andrea & Elliot’s Wedding at The St. Regis Bal Harbour

Say Hola to Andrea Noceti and Elliot Minski who were wed on Dec 6th, 2014 at the beautiful St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort, and was planned and designed by Lisi Korn of Forever Events.
Andrea, being a former Miss Colombia was genuinely easy to shoot as you can see (even during the boudoir session!) We had those images presented in a beautiful custom-made lucite box to Elliot on the wedding day. He was happily surprised to say the least! The rest of the day went flawlessly. They, and their friends and family were such genuinely warm and inviting people is was hard not to get caught up in this perfect union. I say perfect because when you see these two together you sense an honest shared love of life and humor.
Elliot is completely unapologetic about how enamored he is with Andrea, which he unabashedly demonstrated by following her around with his iPhone for duo-selfies and straight captures. Andrea being a Colombian celebrity, had in attendance some of her closest friends who share the same limelight and cut loose to help her celebrate. I worked with Suzanne Delawar on video and had a great experience. Barak Mizrahi created Andrea’s hair and make-up look and as you can see, did another fantastic job. I was so happy to have this wedding published in Hola! Colombia as well. Thanks to Lisi and her team once again for allowing me to do what I do. Enjoy!

Daniela & Steven’s Design District Engagement Session

Here is Daniela & Steven who wanted their engagement session to be in the newly renovated Palm Court in the Design Distrcit in Miami. Stunning architecture and modern storefronts mixed within a courtyard setting gave us a beautiful canvas to work with. Daniela is cousins with Deborah Niego who recently married Aaron Fahimian. I am currently negotiating with the third cousin of this massive clan whose family tree I’m still trying to decipher! Enjoy.