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Daniela & Steven’s Wedding at Beth Torah in Aventura, Florida

Here’s the second installment of the Spack/Loebl Clan. This round its Daniela & Steven who were married at Beth Torah in Aventura. If the tone of a wedding is set by the passion of the bride and groom, then this wedding lived up to that notion. Let’s start with Steven. His demeanor throughout was that of a concurring hero returning from a glorious victory. His celebratory skills are unbridled! Moving on to the guests, well, their idea of impromptu group photos at the reception can be liked to a game of pile on. Two people become 5 people, who then become 10 people. By the sixth shot, I’ve got 15 people all smashed together in familial harmony. This happened evey time I raised my camera. So fun. My portrait sessions with these two is nothing short of exhilarating. Their chemistry is undiminished by any kind of reserve allowing me full access into their world. These pics definitely speak for themselves. Enjoy!

Arielle & Michael’s Wedding at the W South Beach

Arielle (aka Ari or Air) & Michael (aka Mickey, Michael, Don Miguel, Miguelito) were married in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the W South Beach. Planner Kelly Gold reached out to me two weeks before their wedding telling me their engagement session didn’t go well, and asked if I could take on the wedding. After meeting Arielle & Michael, I was in! With most of my weddings, I’m fortunate to be able to attract groups of vibrant and eclectic personalities that make my job fun and interesting. First you have Michael’s motley crew of 13 rowdy groomsmen who pretty much defined the pace of the reception. Then there’s Benni, the couple’s Havanese dog (@southbeachbenni if you want to follow) who stole the show in the groom suite (yes, he hung out with the groomsmen) and then led the ring bearer down the isle to greet Michael. I think though he was escorted by security out of the reception for hanging around the bar to often and hitting on the bridesmaids. On the heartfelt end of the spectrum, you have the speeches by the best man, maid of honor and both sets of parents, which were a beautifully executed combination of praise, pride and pure roasting. The DJ did a fantastic job of introducing them into the reception by packing them on the dance floor in a tight group. All for one and one for all. Décor was crafted by Petal Productions. Many thanks Kelly for this one! Enjoy!

Eileen & Daniels Wedding at Turnberry Isle Miami

Here’s Eileen and Daniel who were married at Turnberry Isle Miami recently in an Jewish Orthodox celebration. Eileen looked fabulous along with her pampered and charming little flowers girls. Petal Productions created a fantastic Chuppah under which the ceremony was performed. So after the Rabbi’s did their thing, the reception was kicked off by probably the longest Hora I’ve ever witnessed! Enjoy!