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Modern Luxury Bride Table Top Editorial Shoot

Here’s a link to an editorial of a couple of stylized dessert tables I shot for Modern Luxury Brides South Florida & The Caribbean. Lisi Korn Oksemberg ofForever Events – Premier Wedding & Event Planning did the one at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens, and Jennifer Gilbert Cohen of Xquisite Events, Inc. along with Elegant Temptations Cakes did the one at The Omphoy Ocean Resort & Spa. Thanks to Riki Altman for including me!{“page”:130,”issue_id”:165834}


Ballerina’s and Horses

It’s time for another ballerina series! This time I took my three favorite ballerinas: Chloe Freytag, Lexie Leigh, and Andrea Ramudo over to Joshua Tree Stables in Loxahatchee, Florida. These girls are the best!! Cuts, dirt, rain, heat, humidity, horsefly’s, frogs – didn’t matter. If I said climb it, climb through it, hold it, jump it, stand on it or stand in it – they did it, and with big fat smiles on their faces. I love each of you!! Using horses and the stable setting itself seemed a perfect setting to both match and contrast the grace and strength of the ballet movements. A big thank you to Samantha Guy for connecting me with the stables. Look for the white horse, it’s hers! Enjoy!

An Impromptu Proposal in the Bahamas

While shooting the reception in the Bahamas, a guest approached me to say he was going to propose to his girlfriend the next day and could I capture it. I loved the idea of being there at the beginning. I was drawn to the pure elegance and simplicity of the proposal: alone on a beach, no fanfare, just conviction. We agreed on a time and location and I hide out behind some stone pillars and watched it all unfold. It really was beautiful to watch.

Editorial Bridal Shoot in the Snow and Cherry Blossoms

On two separate occasions I had the chance to work with Angela Caba of Angela Caba Designs in NYC to create some uniquely stylized shoots. First we hit Central Park on one of the very first days of snow in December to produce a series of a bride in emerald green accent. The second was a custom designed couture creation meant to mimic the cherry blossom blooms. We used a location in NY that had them in full bloom.


Vintage Daisy in the Glades

Model Daisy Nash and I traveled far out west to find this fabled and haunted location that used to be a missile silo in the 60’s to do a vintage themed shoot. What we found was an awesome location that was infested with paint ballers. Can’t win them all? Sure can. I’m not the kind to walk away from a fight so I saw the red cloak amongst her wardrobe – saw the field – light bulbs went off and this is what we got.



Jaquie Ohh at The Sundy House

In this set I grabbed the always effervescent Jaquie Ohh and her charming sister Stephanie Fischer (for makeup, hair, and styling) and dragged them to the Sundy House in Delray Beach. Steph and I came up with a gripping story line to work from. We told Jaquie who then nodded her head and proceeded to do whatever she felt. I should have known better. I guess when you look like that you should be on the cover of Maxim. Do you all vote yet??

Dolled Up for Breast Cancer Awareness

Here are some images from a charity event last week at Wine Vault in Miami, organized by Veronica Brown to raise funds to benefit breast cancer awareness. It was an evening of drinks, tapas and cupcakes concluded by a burlesque show by Cupcake Burlesque. Blo Braid Bar was there offering a chic up do along with a professional makeup artists for a mini make over. Also present was Vintage pop up shops, L.A. Boudoir and Beverlee Kagan Antique and Vintage Jewelry. Danny D’Brito and Tony Livadas pumped out the music. It was a very successful evening! Enjoy!