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SoCool / Quest Drape Season Opener

Here they are! Kudos to all the vendors who participated to make this a smash! Thanks again to Jackie Becker and Lauren Goldberg for inviting me to capture the festivities. Honorable mention to Eye on Events for the fabulous costumes and A Class Bartending for being so efficient in getting everyone drunk! All the other vendors are represented in the images. Enjoy!

Rock & Fashion

Here are some images from a shoot for Nicole Livadas of Dollface Makeup and Veronica Brown (who styled the shoot) for an upcoming charity event and launch party on Oct 18. Message them for details cause its going to be fabulous!! Superstar Vixen Kris Renta and Tony Livadas (of the band Brass Knuckles) really brought the cool factor to these images. The whole look and feel for this shoot was created by Nicole and Veronica so they get all the credit. Great job!!


Eve in NYC

So on a recent trip to NYC, Eve Ainsbury and I were waiting for a table for lunch at a restaurant in the Meat Packing district. Within that time, we happened upon this really cool looking vacant night club in the undercarrige of this trendy eatery. Being that our creative minds think alike, we looked at each other and just said “yes”. She plucked the ballet shoes she just purchased from her bag and 15 minutes later, this is some of what we created. Thanks Evie, you’re the best!!

The Jaquie Oh Adventure

Here’s the full Jacquie Ohh post. This set was an experiment in stream-of-consciousness shooting. We gave no forethought to its outcome; just allowed both of our pure creative thought to rule the moment. I had to be quick on my shutter with this one – boundless creative energy! You’re very fun to shoot Jaquie! Warning: the following stunts were performed by a trained professional and should not be attempted at home.

Ballerina’s to the Rescue!!

Eva Danielle, a prominent miami fashion designer, emailed me a month ago and told me of this wonderful project she created to incorporate rescue animals in fashion photos to create awareness for the cause. She put together 20+ photographers and countless models and makeup artists to create a monumental series of images to be displayed in a Miami Design District gallery in October. Eva, and her family’s passion and tireless dedication to rescuing animals, is unparalleled. This is my contribution to her project. I want to thank the three stunning and incredibly talented ballerinas: Chloe Frytag, Lexi Leigh, and Colleen Chambers; and the up and coming make-up superstar team of Nicole Livadas and Amanda Aron for coming out on a rainy Sunday and spending the day to create these images. Enjoy!

Ballerinas Part II

Here’s the second installment in the Ballerina Series. This time I was lucky to have Sarah Smith Hill, a performer in the American Ballet Theater Company in New York, pose for me. My longtime friend Paul Rizzo was kind enough to let us use his bar The Bitter End in the West Village. This club is the oldest rock club in NYC (founded 1961) and is an historical landmark. Everyone who’s anyone had performed, or was signed from this club. It’s a coveted spot for video and print production as you’ll see from the images.  Sarah’s exceptional talent made these pictures truly come to life. Thanks again to you both!

Boca Ballet Ballerina’s Editorial Session in Florida

What happens when you take four incredibly talented and beautiful ballerinas, drive around south Florida for about 7 hours, and add a JSP twist to an age old art form? What follows should give you some idea! These girls: Andrea Ramudo Virgin, Marissa Udine, Kassidy Schaeffer, and Diana Elise Seabrook, were a blast to do this with! No prima donnas here! These girls showed me the true athleticism of being a dancer. This is my contribution to the Ballerina Project. Making plans to do this in NYC also. Big thanks to Andrea Ramudo Virgin for setting this up!!

Nicole Mejia’s Rendevous

Periodically I like to dig a little deeper creatively and work wit ha concept that has more mood and bite. Model Nicole Mejia jumped at the opportunity to be part of the concept. The motel, the oldest in Florida, called The Floridian served as the perfect back drop both for its interior as rustic and seedy, and the exterior with its moody lighting and dim lit streets. The idea was to have a devoted girlfriend preparing herself for a rendezvous only to be stood up. Nicole did a great little acting job!

E.S.C.A.P.E. Event

The reviews are in…The E.S.C.A.P.E. Event (Educated Social Creative Artistic Professinal’s Evening) on Sept 14th was a resounding success!! I set out to create a networking environment that would impress our industry’s most hardened critics, and with the unencumbered creative genius of the following sponsors, it did just that!! My unending gratitude to: Steve Levine and Jose Graterol from Jose Designs; Jose Martinez fromJM Lighting and Fabric; Marc and Katy from Bubble Miami; Jon Williksen from Lyon & Lyon Catering; Jamie Mardis from SidRam Power; Washington Arias from Everlast ProductionJon Saxx EntertainmentHasel B. Designs Stationary; and Premier Xtras . The highlights of the evening were a live jazz band, a round table discussion with interactive hand held voting devices and a ballet performance.