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Samantha & Lance’s Equine Engagement Session Adventure

Meet Samantha Blumenthal & Lance Guy. Sam is a show jumper and Lance is an outdoor adventurist. This was the perfect setting to showcase their romance! The video guys from Pinnacle Bride created a “behind-the-scenes” promo clip for me, which I will post soon. Coming even sooner though is the love story teaser they created! These two have such magnetic chemistry. They were a joy to shoot! Jamie Lipman – are you proud!!

Jessica & Eric’s Engagement Session at Jaxson’s Ice Cream

Meet Jessica and Eric. The two have been loyal lovers of Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor since they were kids, so much that they named their dog after it! This shoot was so much fun; the energy between these two is through the roof! I want to thank Jaxson’s for being so gracious and opening early for us. I suggest every one take a day to chow down (like I did) and enjoy the history and sweets of the establishment! Jessica Olin and Eric Jennings will marry on February 19, 2012 at the FountaineBleu Hotel. I’m psyched to finally work with planner Jamie Lipman to make Jessica and Eric’s wedding a unforgettable one!


Vivian & Gary’s “tagged” Engagement Shoot in Miami

This is Vivian & Gary. The other guy, well, he must remain anonymous. You see, he’s a tagger. Actually he’s just this really cool, fantastic artist that graced the shoot. Behind the scenes, his whole crew was spraying up the place. The coolest thing to watch! Oh yeah, back to Viv & Gary. Are they hot are what??!?!? She’s a real spitfire and added just the right amount of spice to the pictures……