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Cartier Event at Miami’s Rusty Pelican

Cartier watches, Cartier eyeglasses, and Cartier bags were the centerpieces of this Cartier Event put on by of Asylum Marketing at the renovated Rusty Pelican last week. They were throwing a little appreciation weekend for their top South American sales reps, which culminated in this dinner that featured $200,000 eyeglasses and their top of the line brand watches. The guests were also treated with a live portrait session done by portrait artist Ann Chaskalson ( and three Opera singers. The beautiful decor was designed by Jose Graterol of Jose Graterol Designs. Top all this off with the Rusty Pelican’s amazing view of downtown Miami and I’d say it was an evening to remember!

Friday is going to be #feelsomething day!

Let’s slow down for a moment and allowed ourselves to feel something REAL. Being we spent all week trying to digest the enormous amount of processed information being hurled at us, I’ll be sharing images I believe will evoke a real feeling within you. Please share your thoughts, as well as your own images, using the #feelsomething hashtag. This says, “I refuse to let my emotions be dulled by the overflow of ABNORMAL.” Together we will create little moments of true connectivity. It won’t always be beautiful, but it will be real. And when it’s real, you will #feelsomething.