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Educational Series: Wedding Fashion Photography

Fashion photography can be viewed as existing between still-life and portraiture photography. Fashion photographs are carefully planned and exist as compositional pieces of art. In essence, fashion photographs take the fundamentals and toss them on their head. Lighting is used to its most dramatic affect. The environment becomes a statement. Most fashion photography pushes the bounds of what we have already seen; it is uninhibited and Avant Garde. Wedding fashion photography, of course, incorporates the bride and/or groom. However, they aren’t the primary subject or focus of the photograph. They will still look beautiful, but they become part of the environment. The pictures below are examples of fashion photography. JSPStudio blends all major disciplines of photography to provide the best photographs imaginable for you wedding or important life moment. This is the heart of photojournalism with a fashion flare.

Educational Series: Still Life Photography

Still-life, as a subject of art, has existed for thousands of years. In that time-frame still-life photography is relatively new. When the first cameras were developed, still-life photography was preferential due to the length of time it took for one photograph to be shot (the first cameras took too long to capture moving objects). Still-life is the practice of arranging inanimate objects, using light and compositional skills to generate a beautiful photograph that captures the essence of the objects. The objects are prepared and in this regard still-life photography is the exact opposite of photojournalism which captures events as they happen. In many ways a photographer “makes” still-life photography instead of “taking” pictures as they happen. Some would believe that still-life photography is simple, but it is anything but. A photographer who is aiming to capture still-life really has to have a precise sense of lighting, atmosphere, angles and spatial awareness. A photographer, like those at JSPStudio, trained properly in still-life techniques can combine it with other disciplines to capture the essence of weddings, events and other life achievements. As the photographs below show, still-life photography can be quite catching.

Educational Series: Portraiture

In the disciplines of photography portraiture is probably the most recognized form along with photojournalism. Portraiture captures the likeness of a person or group of people while focusing on their face and expressions. Capturing the likeness of individuals has been in practice long before there were cameras. Anyone who has ever walked into a museum will see the portraits of kings, queens and other historical figures lining the walls. Today, most would recognize the use of portraits to immortalize families. In weddings, portraiture can be used along with photojournalism, to create a group of solid memories. Don’t be fooled into thinking that portraiture is a simple process of having someone stand somewhere and clicking a picture. True, portraits are planned and are not candid like photojournalism, but a skilled photographer, like those at JSPStudio, will produce images that are breathtaking. In the pictures below you will see that posed pictures can capture a certain feel. Lighting and other environmental factors are controlled to give a particular look.


Educational Series: Photojournalism

In last week’s blog post we talked about the four major disciplines of photography. Today, we are going to talk about photojournalism. Photojournalism is, in some people’s opinion, the “purest” form of photography. Basically photojournalism creates images of events or situations as they happen to tell a story. Based on its name, it’s easy to see why many people associate it with journalism, but it is not limited to journalism. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many wedding photographers use photojournalism to capture the events of the wedding day from beginning to end. We embrace true moments as they happen. Take the picture below as an example. The picture shows a mother and a daughter in an intimate moment. What you see is a mother putting the veil on her daughter as the bridesmaids look on. What you don’t know is that the veil has been in that family for decades and has been passed down from mother to daughter for four generations. It was an incredible moment for the bride and her mother and a moment that the bridesmaids wanted to witness without intruding. Photojournalism captures those moments and preserves them forever. There is no staging, no preparation, just the purity of the emotion as they happen.

Educational Series: Capturing the Moment with JSPStudio

Many people don’t realize that there are different disciplines in photography. Most photographers and photography companies specialize in only a few of these photographic disciplines. JSPStudio is trained in all four of the main photographic disciplines: photojournalism, portraiture, still life and fashion photography. In subsequent blog posts we will look at each of these types of photography and show examples of our work to go along with each type of photography. However, here is a brief explanation of h type of discipline:
Photojournalism- photography that captures events as they happen and present a narrative to tell a story.
Portraiture- photography that captures of the likeness of a person or a small group of people while focusing on the face and expressions.
Still-life- photography with “prepared” elements in a particular setting where a focus on lighting and compositional skills of the photographer are very important.
Fashion photography- the mixture of complex lighting and complex setting to produce a dramatic effect for the subjects of the photograph.
Not all styles of photography are appropriate for each and every situation. In fact, it would be completely inappropriate to expect that one or two types of photography can successfully capture every situation, mood, desired effect or lighting perfectly. JSPStudio is a cut above other photography companies precisely because our photographers have the ability to choose the correct discipline at the correct times to produce perfect photographs that you will treasure forever.