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Educational Series: Capturing the Moments

Most women imagine their wedding day as little girls. When the day actually comes, a moment that has been decades in the making can pass by in a flash. There is so much going on that I have often heard brides say that they hardly remember a thing. I often ask my brides, “Years from now, when you’re looking at your wedding album, do you want to remember your wedding as it actually happened, or how a photographer staged you?” Picking a wedding photographer is a crucial decision for a bride. It is one thing to find someone who will take the shots that you think are important; it is quite another to find a photographer who understands you, your family and is capable of capturing the joy of a beautiful moment as the celebration thrives. Every wedding is different. A wedding shot at The Breakers is going have a different feel from a wedding that takes place in an orchid garden. What may be a classic photograph in one won’t necessarily work in the other. The most important thing is finding a photographer who knows the difference and understands how to capture the unique feel of your special day. I have shot many weddings and I can tell you that each has its own personality. That moment the groom first sees his bride at the end of the isle, the moment when the bride’s parents give her away, or that moment when everyone is jumping on the dance floor . . . a wedding is all of those moments and each one should be remembered as they happened. When you’re making your decision on your wedding day, don’t forget to ask yourself: “What do I want to show my children when I’m sitting with them years from now and they ask me what that day was like?” Look at the work of JSPStudio. The decision becomes simple after that.

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