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Educational Series: Engagement Sessions

Engagement sessions are becoming more and more popular and they are extremely important in the telling of a couple’s story. When choosing a photographer for your wedding and your engagement session consider some important points:
-Your engagement session will give you a chance to work with your photographer before your big day. Your photographer will be able to learn about you and your partner in a deeper way during the session. You will be able to get to know your photographer and understand how they work and get a feel for what you’ll experience on your wedding day.
-Pick a location that is relevant and important to you both. Remember, we are going to be telling a story about the two of you. Here is Jessica & Eric enjoying a day at Jaxson’s Ice Cream Parlor. After our consultation, we decided on that location because of it significant role in their relationship. They had their first date there and also named their dog Jaxson! You can see the images below.  We’ve also done sessions on airplanes, boats, picnic settings an on trains.
-Be honest and forthcoming with your photographer. Remember, this is the opportunity to spend good time together and for me to learn about who you are as a couple. I’ll be able to see and learn things about you that will help me capture the perfect moments on your wedding day.
At JSPStudio, we consider the engagement session an integral part of the experience with us. Our Editorial Style Engagement sessions incorporate many components of photographic skill to ensure a unique set of images that both visual dazzle you and emotionally capture the essence of the chemistry between you. Our pre-session consultation lets me draw from your hobbies, experiences, likes and dislikes to create a set of images that are unique to your chemistry by collaborating with you to define the atmosphere of the shoot and by paying careful attention to location, wardrobe, continuity, and of course passion! It’s all in the kiss…

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