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Sari & Aaron at B’nai Israel

Welcome to the world of Sari & Aaron. It is filled with charm, grace, personality, warmth, compassion, strong family bonds, style and creativity…oh, yeah and Sari’s sister Fara. To give you an idea how close the two families have become, the groom’s father, after dressing his son, went upstairs and saw to the laborious task of looping the buttons on Sari’s dress. The minute I met these two all I could think was “….AND I get paid for this!!!”. Everyone got themselves ready at the Town Center Marriott and then the rest at B’nai Israel in Boca Raton (if you haven’t seen what Neil and VIP Caterers do over there, you should take a look). The flowers and decor were from Dalsimer.

Vivian & Gary’s “tagged” Engagement Shoot in Miami

This is Vivian & Gary. The other guy, well, he must remain anonymous. You see, he’s a tagger. Actually he’s just this really cool, fantastic artist that graced the shoot. Behind the scenes, his whole crew was spraying up the place. The coolest thing to watch! Oh yeah, back to Viv & Gary. Are they hot are what??!?!? She’s a real spitfire and added just the right amount of spice to the pictures……


Nicole & Anthony at The Delray Marriott

Nicole and Anthony are truly made for each other. Meet them once and you can feel it. Let them tell you their story and you’ll believe dreams can come true. Yah, I’m being sappy…..but they convinced me. The party was at The Delray Marriot and was decorated by Flowers by Tony. There was a full NY contingent that added all the flavor to this wedding. I loved every minute of it. DJ Michael Sarysz lit up the speakers with jams that brought down the house….literally…..he blew out his speakers! Here’s some of the fun.


Sarah & Scott at The Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne

Welcome to the world of Sarah & Scott. A quintisentially fantastic Florida couple (although Sarah’s from North Carolina). The Ritz carlton Key Biscayne was the venue of choice and they took full advantage of it. The ceremony was on the great lawn at sunset followed by a South Beach Style Reception with VIP sections and club music. The look and the feel of the evening was created by the master Robert Torres at Deco Productions.

Marni & Karl at The Trump in Miami

“Seafoam, Seafoam, Seafoam………..SEAFOAM!!!!!” Marnie’s expression of celebration came in the color of seafoam. The two Maryland natives took perfectly to the tropical setting of Sunny Isles at the Trump International Resort. The decor was perfectly crafted by Benny at Daniel Events and overseen, once again, by the extraordinarily talented Susan Jaffe of Pieces of Dreams Events. The band of choice was Private Stock and the make up was beautifully designed by Touch Cosmetics. Video was captured by Candun Productions.

Caroline & Michael at the Ritz Carlton South Beach

Design and Planning: Grand Affairs Location: Ritz Carlton South Beach …And when we say WOW we mean World of Warcraft of course, which was the setting for the chance meeting of a Night Elf named Michael and an Orc named Carolina. It’s been two years since that fateful game but the force is still with them as you will soon see*…Their event was far away from both mystical woodlands and computer screens however, Grande Affaires ensured that their South Beach wedding was both ecclectic, intimate and elegant. *Jonathan Scott Photography is not responsible for incorrect science fiction or gaming references.

Lindsey & Scott at The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach

Location: The Colony Hotel Of all the types of couples we shoot at weddings, actors have to be the most fun. Lindsey and Scott were no exception, providing humour and poise throughout the entirety of the event. The Colony Hotel was a new destination for us and we were delighted with the variety of locations we had to choose from, each one both elegant and quaint exhibiting typical Palm Beach nuances.

Rachel & Ian at The Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne

Event Planning and Design: Susan Jaffe Pieces of Dreams
Make-up:Cindy Cohen
Decor: Xquisite Events
Location: Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne
Lighting: Uplyte Band: Libido
Rachel and Ian are new additions to the South Florida family having moved here from New York City just seven months ago. Needless to say they took advantage of the ideal November weather and chose to have their ceremony outdoors on a green overlooking the ocean. Susan Jaffe orchestrated a beautiful affair featuring Exquisite Events who adorned the occasion with a level of detail conducive with their name. A chandelier hanging from a chuppa made with twisted tree barks was indeed a first and the floral arrangements that rested in authentic clay pots laid out a fitting and regal pathway for the bride and groom. The scene was both vivid and dreamlike framing the palpable emotion of the event perfectly.